Day Thirty Six

It's been almost a week since we activated our Japan Rail Pass and with only one day left, we decided to see a neighbour city of Osaka named Nara.



Nara used to be the capital before Kyoto and is famous for its temples and deer.

Some of the visitors were just as fascinating as the temples themselves.

Nara park is huge and it takes just a few minutes to get off the beaten path and escape the crowds.

Throughout the park thousands of deer roam around. You can buy crackers from vendors to feed them. They aren't shy and if they think you have food on you they will try and get it.

In the park Onno dropped his iPhone, resulting in a broken screen. This meant heading back to Osaka for a visit to Denden town. Denden town is an area with hundreds of electronic/hobby/toy stores including a shop that fixes iPhone screens.

After an hour the phone was fixed, time to get dinner.

After dinner the sun had set and this crazy little neighborhood really came to life.

After wandering around for a good time, we headed back to the hotel.