Day Eighteen

Just before midnight our driver for the day arrived at our hotel in a 4x4 Jeep. He took us to a gathering point where other jeeps arrived, and after about half an hour all Jeeps departed in a column.

The next two hours were spent on- and off-road, making our way to the viewpoint. Our group was the first to arrive, this meant two things:

we were able to pick a great spot.

We had to wait for two more hours until sunrise.

After about half an hour we abandoned our sunrise spot to see if we could find the Volcano.

It was really busy at the lookout point. It was quite difficult to avoid the selfie sticks.

After the sunrise it was time to make our way back to the Jeep, so we could descend into the valley below.

At the bottom of the valley we stopped for breakfast and to admire the amazing views.

Back on the (off)road we went to our next destination, the path to the crater's edge.

The sounds coming from the crater are deafening, it sounds like a jet taking off. My travel buddy Onno has a video, you can find it on his blog.

Looking away from the volcano, the view wasn't bad either.

Slowly we were making our way back to our hotel, but not before stopping at two more destinations, one a very beautiful valley.

And a great waterfall, that was only a 1 kilometer hike away and practically impossible to photograph without getting water on the lens.