I love creating scalable web applications, created pragmatically, with both "boring" and new technologies, whatever is best suited for the job. I made the first commit to AppSignal, where I'm still happily employed. In my free time I like to travel, mainly to Asia and when I'm not abroad I regularly take my longboard out for a spin.

Recent content

  1. Cross section of Kowloon Walled City

    I could stare at this for ages, so many little details to spot.


  2. Trip: UAE 2024

    Themeparks in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

    1. Day One

      Abu Dhabi

    2. Day Two

      Ferrari World and Yas Water park

    3. Day Three


    4. Day Four

      Aquaventure Waterpark & Burj Khalifa

    5. Day Five

      IMG Worlds of Adventure

  3. Site updates May/June 2024

    • Update homepage to show content of notes, instead of just links

    • Update all crates to the latest version

    • Ran clippy and fixed all issues

    • Fix canonical URL issue, I’ve added a meta tag to designate the canonical url (The Axum router accepts an optional trailing slash, confusing Google)

    • Add h-entry and h-card elements to all content pages for better content discovery

    • Add web mentions for blog posts, trips, notes and photos.

    • Add task system, so I can run things post-publish (even with scheduled posts), such as sending webmentions and future POSSE tasks.

    • Add sync to Mastodon for Trip posts and blog posts

    • Add Like button

    • Add click/linkable subheadings

  4. Blog Microfeatures

    This post by Danila is about nice microfeatures for personal websites and while I don’t like every feature described, it does contain a few things I’d like to implement

    • Linkable headers

    • ToC for long articles

    • Blogs I read to spread some link love

    You can read it here: https://danilafe.com/blog/blog_microfeatures/

  5. Rust Enums in SQLite with Diesel

    I keep forgetting how to use Rust Enums with Diesel, so I wrote it down for future self.

  6. Noodle Reviews

    This person is reviewing a ton of instant noodles, and I’m all for it!


  7. Concert

    Pretty good and a very fun crowd!

  8. Trail run

    I signed up for a trail run a few weeks ago and this morning it was time to start running in a forest. The run consists of three separate loops (green, blue, red), each about 7.5-8 Kilometers in length. The start/finish of all three loops is at the same place, and you can also get water/energy drinks and snacks there (bananas, sweets, crackers, nuts etc.).

    Originally, I planned to do one loop, as I hadn’t been able to train all that much, and I trained for 7.5K. But after the first loop I felt great and had enough energy to do the second (blue) loop. I was there with two friends who planned to do two loops from the beginning, so I joined them for the second loop.

    After the second loop,and this was already the furthest I’ve ever run in a single session (15K), they wanted to do the third (red) loop as well. I wasn’t sure if I’d make it, but I figured I could always just stop and walk back if I needed to.

    And that’s how I managed to do a 24K run today.

    Hopefully I won’t regret this tomorrow or the next week.

    [update] I haven’t regretted it! Apart from some muscle aches I’m fine!

  9. Bought new prints

    Bought two new A3 prints from Ano Studio. They are a limited, and I managed to snag number 48/50 and 44/50.

  10. Summer evening

  11. Site updates March/April 2024

  12. Trip: Asia 2024

    Spring holiday to Seoul, Naha (Okinawa) and Beijing

    1. Day one

      Amsterdam to Seoul

    2. Day two


    3. Day three

      Seoul to Okinawa

    4. Day four

      Exploring Naha

    5. Day five

      Zamami Island

    6. Day six - nine


    7. Day ten

      Bukhansan Baegundae Peak

    8. Day eleven - twelve

      All the museums

    9. Day thirteen - fourteen


    10. Day fifteen

      Seoul to Beijing

    11. Day sixteen

      Universal Studios Beijing

    12. Day seventeen

      Exploring Beijing

  13. Site updates Jan/Feb 2024

    • Updated my now page

    • Updated my uses page

    • Changed the mobile rendering of a trip “day” to not use up 80% of the vertical height. I don’t do many vertical photos so they always looked weird in vertical mode. I do have to figure out a better way to differentiate between “checkins” and “posts” on the trip page.

    • Updates to pages now set the updated field to the current time. (shown on now/uses pages)

    • Add timeline of latest posts/trips/notes to the homepage

  14. Send Noods

    Miso Ramen noodles with Chashu from the Instant Pot 4 out of 5, would have liked a bit more Miso taste.

  15. Trip: China 2023

    Following the Yangtze River

    1. Day One


    2. Day Two

      Teamlab and the French Consession

    3. Day Three


    4. Day Four

      Suzhou Gardens

    5. Day Five

      Tongli water town

    6. Day Six


    7. Day Seven


    8. Day Eight


    9. Day Nine

      Niu Shou Shan Sen Lin Gong Yuan

    10. Day Ten


    11. Day Eleven-Thirteen

      Huang Shan

    12. Day Fourteen


    13. Day Fifteen


    14. Day Sixteen

      Enshi Grand Canyon

    15. Day Seventeen

      The banks of Chongqing

    16. Day Eighteen

      Downtown Chongqing

    17. Day Nineteen

      Three peaks

    18. Day Twenty

      Three Gorges Museum

    19. Day Twenty One


    20. Day Twenty Two

      The last day

  16. Dangerous item

    Statistically this is the most dangerous item in my kitchen.

    (yes I did slice yet another part of my thumb off)

  17. Site updates in September

  18. Trip: Middle East 2023

    A company trip

    1. Day One

      Exploring Tel Aviv

    2. Day Two


    3. Day Three - Eleven

      Antalya Turkey

  19. Site updates in August

    • Add GPTBot to robots.text disallow list.

    • Fix scroll for pre tag.

    • Add proper error pages for 401, 404 and 500 errors.

    • Add /uses page.

    • Fix embed code for some youtube videos (rewrite watch?v= to embed/)

    • Add pagination for /notes

    • Add /health endpoint

    • Add additional instrumentation for queries

    • Improved PageSpeed score

  20. Wilmot's Warehouse

    Not only does it look like a really fun game, but the trailer is excellent too. It shows a person playing the game, instead of telling about features, very nice!