👋 Hi there!

My name is Robert Beekman.

I love creating scalable web applications, created pragmatically, with both "boring" and new technologies, whatever is best suited for the job. I made the first commit to AppSignal, where I'm still happily employed. In my free time I like to travel, mainly to Asia and when I'm not abroad I regularly take my longboard out for a spin.

Recent content

  1. Noodle Reviews

    This person is reviewing a ton of instant noodles, and I’m all for it!


  2. Concert

    Pretty good and a very fun crowd!

  3. Trail run

    I signed up for a trail run a few weeks ago and this morning it was time to start running in a forest. The run consists of three separate loops (green, blue, red), each about 7.5-8 Kilometers in length. The start/finish of all three loops is at the same place, and you can also get water/energy drinks and snacks there (bananas, sweets, crackers, nuts etc.).

    Originally, I planned to do one loop, as I hadn’t been able to train all that much, and I trained for 7.5K. But after the first loop I felt great and had enough energy to do the second (blue) loop. I was there with two friends who planned to do two loops from the beginning, so I joined them for the second loop.

    After the second loop,and this was already the furthest I’ve ever run in a single session (15K), they wanted to do the third (red) loop as well. I wasn’t sure if I’d make it, but I figured I could always just stop and walk back if I needed to.

    And that’s how I managed to do a 24K run today.

    Hopefully I won’t regret this tomorrow or the next week.

    [update] I haven’t regretted it! Apart from some muscle aches I’m fine!

  4. Bought new prints

    Bought two new A3 prints from Ano Studio. They are a limited, and I managed to snag number 48/50 and 44/50.

  5. Summer evening

  6. Site updates March/April 2024

  7. Asia 2024

    Spring holiday to Seoul, Naha (Okinawa) and Beijing

  8. Site updates Jan/Feb 2024

    • Updated my now page

    • Updated my uses page

    • Changed the mobile rendering of a trip “day” to not use up 80% of the vertical height. I don’t do many vertical photos so they always looked weird in vertical mode. I do have to figure out a better way to differentiate between “checkins” and “posts” on the trip page.

    • Updates to pages now set the updated field to the current time. (shown on now/uses pages)

    • Add timeline of latest posts/trips/notes to the homepage

  9. Send Noods

    Miso Ramen noodles with Chashu from the Instant Pot 4 out of 5, would have liked a bit more Miso taste.

  10. China 2023

    Following the Yangtze River

  11. Dangerous item

    Statistically this is the most dangerous item in my kitchen.

    (yes I did slice yet another part of my thumb off)

  12. Site updates in September

  13. Middle East 2023

    A company trip

  14. Site updates in August

    • Add GPTBot to robots.text disallow list.

    • Fix scroll for pre tag.

    • Add proper error pages for 401, 404 and 500 errors.

    • Add /uses page.

    • Fix embed code for some youtube videos (rewrite watch?v= to embed/)

    • Add pagination for /notes

    • Add /health endpoint

    • Add additional instrumentation for queries

    • Improved PageSpeed score

  15. Wilmot's Warehouse

    Not only does it look like a really fun game, but the trailer is excellent too. It shows a person playing the game, instead of telling about features, very nice!

  16. Mastering Web Components

    Mastering Web Components: A Comprehensive Step-by-Step Guide

    Learn step-by-step how Web Components work and how to use them. Including HTML templates, custom elements, shadow DOM, attributes, properties, and slots.

    Maybe I’ll finally understand how to write them (even though I’ve written one before).


  17. .com domain price increase

    I recently switched my domains to porkbun, and they let me know that next month, the price of a .com domain will increase and they expect it to increase for the next several years.

    Aparently, you can pay up front for up to 10 years for a .com domain, saving you from the price increase for a while.

    I just did this and up until 2023 I don’t have to worry about pricing changes.

  18. Render error pages in Axum

    This post details how I use IntoResponse for my AppError to render proper error pages and status codes for all my Error types, including Diesel::error::NotFound.

  19. Site updates in July

  20. Now monitored by AppSignal

    Thanks to the OpenTelemetry endpoint and some Rust OpenTelemetry magic, I can now see where Axum spends its time on each request.