Day Thirty Seven

Today's plan centred around Osaka itself, we planned a route from north to south past a number of attractions, starting with the Umeda Sky Building, one of the more iconic buildings of Osaka.



But first, lunch.

After lunch we crossed the river towards the Umeda Sky Building.

The structure on the right photo is a gas station.

Umeda Sky Building consists of two 40 story towers that are joined at the top by a "floating garden".

Below you can see another famous building in Osaka called the "Gate tower building", where a highway runs through the core.

Back on ground level we continued south to Nakanoshima Park.

The park itself isn't that interesting, but it gave us a chance to relax before diving into the most busy parts of Osaka.

Spot the Statue of Liberty in America-mura, a neighborhood with lots of (niche) clothing stores and small bars.

From America-mura we headed to Dotonbori, the main shopping area in Osaka. It's super crowded and the sensory overload is on par with the Las Vegas strip.

We decided to not go this way.