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This page describes what I'm currently up to. If you have a personal site, you should make one too!

This site

I've migrated the CMS from Pocketbase to one written by myself. Not only is it a requirement to call yourself a web developer, but it also eliminates many supporting scripts and binaries that tried to implement what Pocketbase was missing for me.

With the content in the new CMS (it's more of an API, backed by Sqlite), the next step is to remove Bridgetown.rb and render templates like it's 1999.

I'll probably start with the RSS feeds and move to a simple page from there. 


It's been a few months since the house was completed, and some rooms are finally done. Next up is the bathroom. A shower cabin is sorely needed because I have to manually clean the floor after every shower. 

They have finished the street in front of the house, so I could technically start work on the front garden. Realistically that'll be next year, though. 


I'm back in the flow after a holiday; things are chugging along nicely. 


The next one is a company retreat in Turkey. I used the fact that I couldn't be on the same plane as others from the company and booked a few extra days in Tel Aviv. With the stuff going on there right now, it remains to be seen if that was a good idea.