Day Twenty

Today is the last day in Chongqing, and first on the list was the "Three Gorges Museum" since I didn't get to do that yesterday. First, some street-food snacks, though. It’s freshly baked bread, and glutinous rice dough covered with crushed peanuts, yum!

This museum tells the story of the Yangtze River and the birth of Chongqing.

One thing that I never realized is that a river is great to get good downstream, but how do you go the other way?

It turns out this was done by teams of people who would pull the boats upstream. There were no paths along the river, so they had to climb across rocks by any means necessary. It makes you appreciate the fact that boats have engines now.

After the museum, I crossed the square to see the "Great Hall of the People" (city hall).

While heading to the city wall, I had to climb this set of endless stairs. what made it a bit easier where these plaques with random information every few meters.

Next was a look at the old city wall, which led past some of the older high-rise buildings in the city.

The contrast between the older buildings and the newly built ones is huge.

If you’re ever wondering how these buildings look like from the inside:

Quite dark, and a lot of trash everywhere, unfortunately.

Note the person carrying an entire food card on their back on the left.

Right next to these old apartments is a brand-new shopping area. They claim this area was converted from the old neighborhood with the support of the locals.

But I couldn't find any information about what happened to the old inhabitants who had to leave their homes.

With dusk on its way, I made my way to the water, where business owners from the local wholesale market packed up their sales for the day.

Looming in the background is the Raffles Center, were you can find one of the most expensive hotel rooms in the city.

It was time for dinner; dumplings, a Chinese hamburger, and flat-rice noodles.