Day Six

I hadn't really figured out beforehand what to do in Wuxi, and it turns out that even if it's a city of 7 million people, there's not much to do or see.

It's located next to a lake, so I opted to walk along the bank there. It's entirely surrounded by parks, which is a nice touch.

Wuxi ShiCN31.493307/120.307434

Wuxi Shi

There were people enjoying the weather and camping along the shore.

There was a garden (of course!), which I visited just before dark.

Apart from this, I shopped for some clothes and a new electric razor as I dropped the old one just before leaving. Turns out it's not a nice feeling when part of the cutting bit is missing.

The only redeeming fact for Wuxi is that they did a great job mixing old houses and shrines with shopping malls in the city center.