Day Four

While yesterday I stumbled upon a garden by accident, today was very much planned.

It's a Sunday, and that means that you have to buy tickets in advance to enter the most famous garden of Suzhou, "The Humble Administrator's Garden."

I picked the 10:30-11:30 bracket, which meant I had plenty of time to make the 40-minute walk over and get some coffee/breakfast in the process.

The route took my again past some of the Suzhou canals.

The garden was quite busy, so patience was required to get some nice shots without a ton of people on them.

The garden was built around 1150, and changed hands a few times, until a retired official decided to make it the nicest garden in the area.

You can rent traditional clothing in little shops nearby; they do your hair and makeup as well, so there are a lot of people posing in traditional dress.

These gardens would have been an amazing sight in the olden days.

After about two hours, I made my way to the exit; there was another garden nearby: "The Lion Grove Garden." Might as well pop in for a look.

This garden is a lot smaller in size, but not less interesting.

Well, maybe a little less interesting.

But not less busy.

After slogging around in the gardens at a snail's pace, I started to feel my feet, so I headed back to the hotel for a quick rest and a shower.

(This dude walked around for a good hour with this mask on his head in the 30-degree weather. Scared the shit out of a lot of people in the process :D)

In the evening, I headed back out again to get dinner, just wandering around and getting snacks where I found them.

I almost made it back without getting drenched by rain... almost. Luckily, I bought an umbrella today.