Day Fifteen

Another travel day, this time to Enshi by train.

ShanghaiWuhan ShiEnshi Tujiazu Miaozu Zizhizhou

After arriving in Enshi, there lay a challenge as there was supposed to be a bus to the Grand Canyon Scenic Area, but there were conflicting guides about where the bus would be.

There's a ton of information available from before Covid, but a ton of things changed after, including where the busses depart for the scenic area.

I took a gamble and headed for the bus station across town, and I was quickly proven wrong, as the busses now depart from the train station, apparently.

(I didn't find any buses there, but that could also be because in China, you'll get clear directions in the station, but there'd be zero information once you exit the station.)

So I made a deal with my DiDi (Chinese Uber) driver, and she took me instead. This 1.5-hour taxi trip up the mountain only cost me less than a train ride in my home country, so it was a good choice regardless. For completeness, the bus would have cost me a euro.

My driver was a middle-aged Chinese woman with oversized sunglasses and was playing popular Chinese music while cruising up the mountain. One of the best drivers I've ridden with on this trip!

Through screenshots of WeChat and Google Lens, she told me there was a famous scenic spot ahead and that we should stop for photos.

It did not disappoint! After an hour and a half, I was dropped off at my hotel, where I got a nice room with a view and some dinner.