Day Five

Written by:Matsimitsu(Robert Beekman)MatsimitsuRobert Beekman

Popular attractions around Suzhou are the water towns. Some are UNESCO-protected villages dotted with canals used to transport goods and people.

As a Dutch person, this sounds like a nice way to spend the day. I took the metro line to Tongli and was greeted with a brand new "Trackless Tram" that was still doing trial rounds, meaning a free ride!

This new tram replaces the tourist busses with more capacity. At the end of the tram line is the entrance to the town.

Tongli is a town built on multiple islands, separated by canals.

Since it's a Monday now, it was not busy and a great way to spend the day.

Besides canals, there are plenty of other attractions in the town, such as several restored houses like this memorial hall and Chongben hall.

And gardens, of course, such as the one at the Pearl tower.

The Gengle hall started out as a building, but had a garden in the back.

I was half-way through the town and traded the canals for little alleys.

Finally, there was the Tuisi garden, a UNESCO heritage site.

After crisscrossing the town several times and visiting all the attractions, it was time for some snacks, and I headed back to Suzhou.

Where I grabbed my bags from the hotel and took the High-speed train to Wuxi.



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