Day Eight

Like Xi'an, Nanjing is surrounded by a massive wall. They look very similar, and this wall is around 35 kilometers (of which 25 remain) and surrounds the city center.

Next to the wall is another old part of town called Laomendong. It's similar to the one I visited yesterday, with lots of little alleys and shops.

I'm planning to get back here tonight for dinner. I did get another Chinese pancake for lunch.

It was time to head to the museum dedicated to something Nanjing is also known for: the Nanjing massacre. The Japanese murdered, raped, and plundered their way through the city after their victory, with more than 300.000 casualties.

Visiting the museum put a new perspective on the current political stance of China against Japan.

My feet needed some rest, so I returned to the hotel for a shower and relaxation. After dark, I headed back to Laomendong for dinner.

I found a little stall far away in a back alley, where they were cooking Wontons over a wood-fired barrel.

There was a small queue and some low tables and tiny plastic chairs to sit on while eating, exactly my kind of place!

The Wontons were delicious, as were the sesame-seed buns.

At the very last moment, I found a shop that sold "Salted Duck," another staple Nanjing food, and some kind of dessert, not sure what it was, but it was good1

(The Peking ducks are actually from Nanjing; with the move of the capital from Nanjing to Beijing, they took the ducks with them.)