Day Two

I shouldn't have taken that power nap yesterday, as it made sleeping last night very difficult. I was wide awake at 05:00 in the morning.

To fix this problem, I did a full lap of the "MacRitchie Reservoir." One of the oldest reservoirs in Singapore holds water for the city's consumption.

The land surrounding the reservoir is a protected catchment area, and there are a couple of trails leading through the dense forest.

In total, I walked about 15 Kilometers around the reservoir, taking detours on boardwalks near the water and the Treetop walk.

Many animals live around the reservoir, such as chickens and monkeys. You can usually hear them from afar from the commotion in the trees.

Besides the more common animals, I found a few more... Such as this snake, a beautiful Blue Coral Snake, which I learned after I met it, is highly venomous. Though it usually feeds on other snakes, not people.

Another reptile I stumbled upon was this Malayan water monitor, just chilling next to the pathway.

Treetop Walk

The treetop walk is halfway around the reservoir and deeper in the forest, away from the water. It gives nice views of the surrounding area, though it's pretty hot and humid.

The trail continued past the reservoir, where I encountered a watch tower, tons of butterflies and more water monitors.

The lack of sleep and hot weather started to take their toll. At a covered bench, I took a break when I noticed movement from the corner of my eye. And lo and behold, this fella made its way through the shrubs.

It's an Oriental Whip Snake, only mildly venomous and pretty docile, though I didn't test it out and kept my distance.