Day Seven

Today, the plan is to visit Sentosa, an island on the south side of Singapore that contains a ton of entertainment, from theme parks such as Universal Studios to Golf courses, Bungee Jumping, Ziplining, beaches, and much more.

But first breakfast at a local hawker center.

You can reach Sentosa by either walking, taking the cable car, or the monorail. I picked the monorail since the latter is air-conditioned and the sun is out in full force.

It's not peak season yet, so most attractions are closed, but I didn't come here for the theme parks. The goal is Fort Siloso, on the very western tip of the Island. You can take the bus there or walk through the "Jungle."

"Jungle" in quotation marks because some rocks were suspiciously plastic-y and waterfalls suspiciously artificial.

Look at all this biodiversity.

Singapore is an important shipping hub, and there are ships everywhere.

The fort is the last remaining in Singapore and tells the history of the city's defense.

There are plenty of scenes from the daily life at the forts, as well as important events, such as the surrender of Japan.

In the surrounding area, various trails show the local fauna.

Time to relax a bit at the beach.

It was getting dark; time for dinner and a quick stop-over to the Marina Bay area for a few evening shots of downtown Singapore.

The Apple store in Singapore is this huge orb, in front of the Marina Bay Hotel