Day Five

A while ago, a rail corridor running from north to south was converted to a trail, and it's a nice way to visit a few sites near the trail.

I picked the middle part to explore a few quarries nearby. These were used to mine granite and now serve as ponds for the local wildlife. You can find bird spotters on most days.

After visiting two quarries, the Hindhede Quarry and the Singapore Quarry, I took the long way round back home, visiting a few HDB along the way. But not before a little Bao Bun snack.

HDB's are Housing and Development Board properties, basically Singapore's public housing projects. While in most countries, public housing means poor people, in Singapore, almost 81 percent live in public housing.

The HDB projects range from modern to a bit older.

On the ground floor and in the courtyards, you can usually find delicious food, while daily life continues above. It's nice to spend an afternoon wandering around the units around the Yishun subway station.

Dinner consisted of Bibimbap, from, you guessed it, a food center on the bottom floor of an HDB.