Day Fifty Six - Fifty Nine

After breakfast it was time to head to the docks for a boat back to the mainland.

Instead of flying, I booked a train to Malaysia's capital city, Kuala Lumpur, today.

Tickets were pre-booked, and from the ferry terminal on the mainland, there was a nice covered walkway directly to the train station.

Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia 3.1516964/101.6942371

This turned out to be quite helpful, as I managed to plan a travel day on what would be the only day on my entire trip where it rained all day.

The train was modern, and it was a smooth ride to Kuala Lumpur; and my hotel was within walking distance of the train station, which was very convenient.

City Centre

My hotel was located in the city center, and in the evening, I ventured out to explore the area.

Looking for dinner, I stumbled on this super cool book store in this old theatre called "REXKL."

In front of REXKL stood a silver airstream trailer with a Bao Bun shop inside.

After "dinner", it was time to do the laundry and go to bed

The next day it was time to explore Kuala Lumpur properly, and you have to start with the Petronas Towers

There's some interesting architecture about, such as this submarine-inspired building.

The next day I explored a museum and some shopping malls to do some last-minute shopping, but not before delicious breakfast.

The People of KL

I noticed only afterwards that apparently today was people photo day :)

For dinner I walked the street market in front of the hotel. Not the most healthy option, but definitely the most delicious. I also managed to score a Hanshin Tigers shirt

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