Day One

I haven't been to school in ages and therefore am blissfully unaware of school holidays. This turned out to be a downside for this trip as I managed to book it smack in the middle of one.

The problem with school holidays is that everyone wants to travel. After Corona, that had a severe impact on Schiphol, where due to a lack of personnel, queues for check-in, security, and passport control were hours long in the past week.

Not taking any chances, I booked a Hotel close to Schiphol, so I could be there around 07:30 for my 11:15 flight. Usually, this is way too early, but the queue for check-in and security took more than two hours today.

My early arrival meant no stress for me, as I knew I'd make the flight.

Singapore Airlines is a 5-star airline, and it showed. The flight was excellent, with plenty of legroom, no one occupying the middle seat (though this was luck and had nothing to do with the airline), and amazing food.



Immigration was smooth due to filling out everything beforehand online, and after picking up my sim card and EZ Link card for public transport, I was on my way to my hotel for the next couple of days.

After a nap, I ventured outside, searching for some shorts from Uniqlo and food.

Today's food was a delicious Vietnamese Phở Bò with a fried spring roll. This place had good reviews and was located in a shopping mall food court, not something you'd expect good food in Europe/America, but here good food is everywhere.

Gardens by the Bay

After dinner, I planned to go to Fort Canning park, but it was dark already, so I headed to another park with more atmosphere after sunset; Gardens by the Bay.