Day Twenty Eight - Thirty Seven

Chiang Mai, Thailand

A lunchtime walk

Today we worked at a unique "Design book library" in another place in the city, and on the way back, our cameras were out to capture a different part of the city.

20220602-04825 20220602-04828
20220602-04830 20220602-04827

This is going into my ever-growing "sleeping security guard" collection.

20220602-04836 20220602-04835
20220602-04839 20220602-04840

A stroll back from work

A common theme these few weeks was walking back to the hotel through a different detour daily.

20220602-04846 20220602-04843

I'm always amazed at the ways people find to lounge on a motorcycle/moped.

20220602-04858 20220602-04859

From 5-star design hotels and apartment towers to wooden huts next to a mosquito-infested river, the contrast can be big sometimes.

20220602-04847 20220602-04849
20220602-04854 20220602-04856

Those circles in the water aren't rain drops..

20220602-04860 20220602-04863

Wandering through the back-alleys you'll get to see many different living conditions.

20220602-04870 20220602-04869
20220602-04882 20220602-04884

Wat Pha Lat

Just outside the city lies a temple complex on a mountain called "Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep." It's the place everyone goes to, but just below that on the mountain lies another temple complex called: "Wat Pha Lat."

20220605-04888 20220605-04890

In my opinion, it's a much nicer complex that feels more ancient and one with nature than the big complex at the top.

20220605-04898 20220605-04905

The evening was great, a little bit hot and humid, with a thunderstorm brewing in the distance, providing a nice auditory background while wandering around the complex.

20220605-04934 20220605-04941

A monk was sweeping the grounds, some stray dogs and cats lounging here and there, in general, just a nice place to "be."

20220605-04940 20220605-04944
20220605-04953 20220605-04957
20220605-04972 20220605-04967

The plan was to head up to Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep after this temple, but the brewing thunderstorm paid a visit with torrential rain as a result.

20220605-04979 20220605-04981
20220605-04983 20220605-04987

The road turned into a river, and the stairs became a waterfall. Time to head back to the city for Korean BBQ!

20220605-05009 20220605-05017
20220607-05027 20220605-05020
Korean BBQ
20220607-05023 20220607-05024