Day Twelve

With the predicted rain, we decided to take it easy and sleep in for once. After a delicious BLT sandwich as lunch, we packed our umbrellas and coats and made our way to the bike rental place to rent two mountain bikes for a trip through the surroundings of Yangshuo.

The trip started with an off-road path that was kind of on the map, taking us through valleys with little farms and no one else around. Eventually, we ended up on the main thoroughfare and a bridge where the bamboo rafts were docking.

It doesn't matter where you look, the views are amazing.

As the day progressed, the temperature started rising, reaching 34 degrees Celcius (with 90% humidity).

Every once in a while, we were joined by other cyclists.

After an exhausting climb out of the valley back to Yangshuo we hit the town for some well-deserved dinner.