Day Three

We slept straight through our 09:30 alarm and woke up an hour later. An hour after that we were at the gates of our first theme park of the trip: Ocean Park.

When you enter the park, you have a relatively small area with a few attractions. One of those is the cable cart up to the top of the mountain, where all the thrill rides are.

The coasters offer great views of the Hong Kong skyline. There were no crowds at all, and we could step right into the cars most of the time.

Besides attractions, the park has a few zoo-like elements, such as dolphins and pandas.

Rain was forecast for the day, but luckily it only started raining in the evening just as we were about to leave the park.

We tried to find an Okonomiyaki place, but unfortunately, the only one we could find was booked. So we did the next best thing, Korean BBQ.

On our way back we passed a meat market, which looked amazing in the rain.

After wandering around for a bit, we got tired and headed back to the hotel for a nice shower and sleep.