Day Seventeen

The trip from Zhangjiajie to Xi'an took a bit longer than expected, we were finally at our hotel at 03:00 in the morning after taking a taxi ride by an amateur rally driver.

He made an art form of passing electronic toll gates by slowing down just enough that he wouldn't hit the barrier, but it was still many times the posted 5 km/h limit.

After a few hours of sleep we went out to explore what Xi'an had to offer.

Xi'an ShiChina34.343052/108.93508

Xi'an Shi

Starting with the Drum/Bell towers near our hotel and the muslim quarter next to it.

This place is famous for the delicious food that's a mix of Chinese and Muslim.

In the muslim quarter there's also a mosque that looks like a chinese temple. It's one of the largest mosques in China.

After the mosque we had a few snacks from one of the many street vendors.

Next up is a pagoda called "The Giant Wild Goose Pagoda", because what's a holiday in asia without a pagoda. It was build in the years 649–683 and collapsed five decades later, in 704 it was rebuilt to what you can see below.

The main attraction of today is the Xi'an City Wall. It's 12 meters tall and covers 13.7 kilometers around the city center.

On the outside of the wall is a park within the moat. You can look down on every day life from the wall.

After walking about half the wall we headed back to the hotel which took another 10 kilometers, the total tally of walked kilometers today is: 26.3

Looks like the vendors had a good day today.