China 2018


On our very first Asia trip we had a 71 hour layover in Beijing. We instantly loved the food, the country and Chinese culture.

Later on we did the same thing for Shanghai on a similar transfer visa. Curious to see more of the country we decided to make a longer trip this time through China from the south to the north.

It's time for an epic journey by car, bus, boat, train, plane and on foot through the beautiful cities, mountain ranges and country side.

In this trip

  1. Day One

  2. Day Three

  3. Day Four

  4. Day Five

  5. Day Six

  6. Day Seven & Eight

  7. Day Nine

  8. Day Ten

  9. Day Eleven

  10. Day Twelve

  11. Day Thirteen

  12. Day Fourteen

  13. Day Fifteen

  14. Day Sixteen