Day five

It's another bright and hot day with temperatures reaching 40+ degrees celcius. The destination of today is Arches National Park, located about two hours from the hotel.

Las VegasArches Nat. Park

I've been here a couple of times before, but is has been a few years since and it's an amazing park to visit regardless.

It was even hotter than the last few times, as this trip is in the middle of summer, instead of late spring and it shows in the temperatures. Staying outside of the car for even a few minutes will get you soaked in sweat.

With our National Park pass in hand we got into the park and made our way to the first viewpoint.

The entire park is accessible by car and you only have to walk a few minutes to get into one of the arches.

From the park there's an off-road trail leading back to the highway, our suburban could just about make it through.

Not only are there amazing views in the park, but the road from Arches to our hotel in Richfield had plenty of beautiful viewpoints. If you are on this road, just take every viewpoint exit.