Day twelve

Our next destination is Los Angeles and what better way to get there than to drive the famous Highway One. This highway traverses the west coast and offers amazing views of the rugged coastline.

Progress isn't fast, you'll almost never hit the posted speed limit and there are just too many amazing views that require a pull-over.

This doesn't matter though, as the weather is amazing and trying to avoid the waves while jumping from rock to rock is just too much fun.

San FranciscoLos Angeles

One of the more famous attractions along the route is San Simeon, where you can see Elephant Seals. These lovely (but also very smelly) creatures chill on the beach and every once in a while two of them go head to head in a fight, or they throw up sand to cover themselves.

With the seals covered we made our way to Santa Maria where we will stay the night in what is described as a haunted hotel.