Day seven

After a good night's sleep we were on our way to our second National park, named Arches National Park, but not before corssing into UTAH with it's beautiful desert-like scenery.

US Highway with truck passing, in Utah
View in rear-view mirror, showing Utah Highway

After a couple of hours the landscape began to change from flat-ish desert to more Rock-like formations, a sign we were getting closer to the park.

View of the road leading up to Arches Nat. Park View of rock near Arches Nat. Park

A couple of kilometers before the park there's a little pull-out with a small church, and more amazing views, which we decided to explore.

Small church near Arches Nat. park View of rock near Arches Nat. Park

Arches National Park

The United States have many great national parks and the state of Utah happens to have a couple of the highlight parks.

The main parks almost everyone on a east-west road-trip visits are Arches National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Zion National Park and Canyonlands National Park.

The park tour starts with a bang, beautiful views of spectacular rock formations just around the first bend after climbing a big hill.

View of stones in Arches Nat. Park

Making our way down into the flats, there were lots of pull-outs from the main route with great views.

Scenery in Arches Nat. Park
Panorama of scenery in Arches Nat. Park

Ancient Sand Dunes

Names of things in the park are generally pretty grand, such as this view of the Ancient Sand Dunes

Scenery showing little vegetation in Arches Nat. Park

In the distance we could finally see our first Arches.

View of arches in Arches Nat. Park

True to our American way of visiting parks on this trip we didn't venture far from our car, missing out on some truly spectacular views. Luckily I was able to make it up on future trips. Always explore the area around the viewpoints, folks!

Arch in Arches Nat. Park Arch in Arches Nat. Park

We took a side-road down to the valley floor where we spotted some local critters.

Lizzard/Gekko in Arches Nat. Park Desert view in Arches Nat. Park

Dead Horse Point State Park

Across from Arches is a lesser known park, called Dead Horse Point State Park. It's still quite a trip from the road leading up to Arches climbing pretty steeply all the way. At the end is a parking spot and a restaurant almost hanging over the cliff where we got some coffee to energise.

It is worth the trouble, though as once you're up there, the views are amazing. I highly recommend the detour!

View of the Colorado river in Dead Horse Point State Park
Panoramic view of the Colorado river in Dead Horse Point State Park

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