Day Nine

Before we entered the park we had lunch at a bar/diner. A BLT with french fries.

BLT Sandwich with fries

After dinner at, what I think was Moab, we entered the park.

Rocks at Arches Nat. Park View of Arches Nat. Park

It was again not very busy at the park, which is great for us, many opportunities for shots without people in them.

Road at Arches Nat. Park

Arches National Park

Last year we didn't venture far from the car, which was kind of nice in the heat, but this year we explored more.

We took some small hikes to arches I didn't see the last time. Among those was the most famous giant arch that I somehow missed last year.

We also went off-road again this time, it's a rental car after all. And we nearly got stuck at some point, but somehow managed to complete the trail.

Dead tree at Arches Nat. Park

The views were just as amazing as last year.

Arch at Arches Nat. Park Arch at Arches Nat. Park

We only ventured from the viewpoint for small distances, since it was super hot that day and we couldn't carrry much water (we also only had small bottles), or that's what we told ourselves at least.

View from big arch at Arches Nat. Park Big arch at Arches Nat. Park

You might notice a lack of descriptions today, but I honestly can't remember much. That's why you should always keep a log on the day you did things, people!

View of arches at Arches Nat. Park
Desert view at Arches Nat. Park

After a couple of hours in the park it was time to head to our next destination of this trip: Bryce Canyon!

Desert view at Arches Nat. Park

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