Day Two

Today was weird; I went to bed yesterday around eleven in the evening and woke up around 02:20. Then I fell asleep again and woke up around 02:40, but surprisingly much more rested than 10 minutes before. 

I slept for 12+ hours, right through any alarm that was set. Guess I needed it.

With only a few hours of daylight left, it was time to get a move on. I ate a quick breakfast and took the subway to Hong Kong Island. There I took a bus up into the mountains. 

The goal was to hike because it would be the last day with good weather. 

Violet Hill and The Twins

The Violet Hill and The Twins hike is one of the hardest hikes in Hong Kong. It's perfect if you want a quick and intense workout. The hike is also known as "A Thousand Steps," which refers to the number of steps between The Twins Peak and Stanley. (source)

I arrived at the start at around five and made my way op Violet Hill. You could see the city center towering over the island from a distance.

Turn around, though, and you see beautiful nature with mountains and small lakes. 

After an hour or so, I was at the junction where I could decide on climbing the 1000-step "The Twins" or head down to the coast. I still had about an hour of daylight left, so I took the gamble and went up the stairs. 

And boy, where there a lot of stairs. This is quite the workout, indeed!

The sign said it should take about 1 hour and 45 minutes, but I did it in a little less than an hour, juust in time for the last daylight to disappear. 

I slowly made my way back to the city center on a local bus and, after dinner, went back to the hotel to try and remove my jet lag.