Day Eight

I woke up early today to ensure I got to the trailhead before it got too hot. 

There is public transportation from and to the trailhead, but a bus takes about 1.5 hours, while an Uber gets me there in 24 minutes. 

After buying water and a Bento to eat on the mountain, I called the Uber and headed to the trailhead. 

It was already 30+ degrees when I got there, and I immediately almost stumbled over a monkey that was roaming around (No photo, was too busy dodging said monkey). 

The plan was to take the No. 4 trail up the mountain (the hardest with a consecutive 300-meter climb). 

And boy, did it climb. 

You'll be rewarded with nice views and a welcome breeze over the mountain edge. You also get a companion dog, apparently!

Besides the views, there are multiple pavilions at the top where you can have lunch. Many pensioners' favourite past-time hobby is hiking the mountain and having lunch with friends.

Almost all the pavilions were taken, and you could hear their location from a large distance away from all the chatter and laughter. It's a fun atmosphere to walk around in.

After reaching the end of Trail No. 4, I still had plenty of time left in the day, so I opted for the longest route that strings No. 5 and No. 1 together. 

It was nearing lunch time, so I took out the bento and found a good spot with a nice view.

In hindsight, I'd instead have taken No. 2, as route No. 1 dips into a valley filled with mosquitoes, and it also meant no breeze; it was very hot.

At the end of Trail No. 1 I waited for the bus to take me back. With a lot of hand gestures (The bus driver didn't speak any english), and pointing we came to the understanding that I had to transfer busses at a point along the way for the fastest route home (And it was actually half an hour faster than my Google Maps suggestion, nice!).

After a long and well-deserved shower, I headed out for dinner. Delicious bibimbab from a local Korean place.