Day Seven

After arriving late yesterday evening and having a good night's sleep, it was time to head to Taichung, a city in the island's center.



There's both a high-speed and a conventional line crossing the island from North to South. The high-speed line is faster, but because it was built semi-recently, it goes around the cities, so getting to the station requires bus/metro rides.

For the distance I'm traveling, it doesn't really matter, so I opted for the conventional line that starts from the station in the city center.

You have to reserve a seat, which you can do at the station when buying a ticket. You can opt not to, but I'm not taking the risk of standing for two hours.

After a relaxing train ride I arrived in Taichung and spent the afternoon wandering around the neighbourhood.

This also included snacks, of course. Bubble tea and waffles filled with custard/Oreo and red beans.

At the park there was a drawing class in progress.

Fun fact, I've been here before in a previous trip.

This man was talking to the squirrels and feeding them for over an hour. They did eat out of his hand eventually, pretty neat.

Nearby the park there's an old distillery-turned-art plaza, a trend you can see all over Taiwan.

Just like the High Line in New York, they've converted an old elevated railway into a park, very nice to walk around and see the city from above all the noise.

It ends at the old railway station.

With almost 20k steps in the pocket, it was time to get some delicious Curry fro CoCo, and head back to the hotel to plan the hike for tomorrow.