Day Twenty

The alarm set off at 05:00 in the morning, and I was really impressed with the airport hotel. Once I packed my things and made my way to the lobby at 05:30 to wait for my transport to the airport, they handed me a nice breakfast box and guided me to a huge line of taxis waiting outside. The whole experience, from waking up to boarding the plane was really smooth.

I arrived in Hong Kong at 09:50 and got into my taxi to head to Hong Kong Disney.

As you might remember from the first post, my return flight got canceled, and the airline refused to re-book me, leaving me to buy a ticket on my own. I booked the cheapest I could find, which left me with a 13-hour layover in Hong Kong.

The good thing is that this layover was from ten in the morning 'till eleven in the evening, meaning a full day in Hong Kong. I could have gone to the city, but it was nearly forty degrees outside, and transport would have taken up some time too. So I booked a ticket to Disney a couple of days ago and got an Uber to the park from the airport.

Hong Kong Disney is the smallest of all Disney parks and has been with little investment for a long time, and it shows.

It seems like the park is used more as a backdrop for Instagram photo sessions than a park with rides. There are few big attractions, and by midday, I had ridden all the "large" rides.

The outside theming, especially the Jungle area, is fantastic, as is expected from Disney. But some rides look like they added some cardboard cut-outs in a dark room.

Space Mountain was re-themed to Star Wars by adding some characters in the queue and projecting some stars on the ceiling. I admit the laser effects were really cool, but I expected more from a Disney park.

Maybe I'm just too spoiled from DisneySea in Tokyo, which is considered the best theme park in the world by many.

Finally, the biggest ride, the Rocky Mountain rollercoaster, was out of service that day, leaving Space Mountain as the only thrill ride.

For the price, I don't think the park is worth it, but I did have a good time just wandering around and not being at the airport waiting for departure.

With prices of food about double of that at the airport (already expensive), I took the bus back to the airport for dinner, my final Bibimbap for this trip, and waited for boarding.

The flight back was uneventful; I got on the plane, ate dinner, and fell asleep for eight to nine hours of the 13-hour trip. I watched Black Widow and Fast and Furious 9 to kill the rest of the time and arrived in Amsterdam around six in the morning, concluding my trip!