Day Three

After a slightly larger breakfast than anticipated, it was time for another hike.

Devil's Point is a defensive structure built upon a hill east of Kowloon, and with the weather being a little less clear than yesterday; it's a nice way to spend the day.

The hike starts only a few minutes away from the metro station, which is very convenient.

You'll notice traces of the ever-expanding city as preparations are made for another set of tower blocks.

Not much has been done to preserve the fort complex on the mountain, some fences here and there, but otherwise, it's all crumbling down.

The views are pretty nice, and the temperature is great for a hike, not too warm, and no sun.

According to google maps, there was a trail to the gun emplacements located lower on the hill. It turns out google was very positive about it being a trail, and many, many insect bites later, I found a way through the bushes and had a little break.

The trail ends in a little village at the outer edge of Kowloon; such a contrast between this and the high-rise buildings just a few hundred meters away.

There's only one path through the village, which passes through a fish market back to the metro station.

Mong Kok

While riding the metro back, I got off a few stops early and walked the rest of the way through the Mong Kok neighbourhood.

There are a few must-eats while in Hong Kong, and Dim Sum is one of them.