Asia 2023

I stumbled upon a cheap flight to Hong Kong with Cathay Pacific, supposedly one of the better airlines around, and decided to spend three weeks in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Hong KongTaipei

The plan was to relax from a busy time at work, and go hiking whenever possible.

  1. An interesting trip

    This is going to be an interesting trip.

    The return flight was cancelled this morning, and I noticed a fraudulent transaction on my credit card, so that'll probability be replaced during the trip.

    This could mean issues with outstanding Hotel reservations. Fun times!

  2. Betsy

    Betsy is a beer specially brewed to taste its best at 35000 feet. You can only get it on Cathay Pacific flights, if available.

    Tasted good!

  3. Beef Brisket Noodles

    With Milk Tea on the side

  4. Day One

    The day everything went wrong

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  5. Overslept

    Slept for fourteen hours, guess I needed that. Time for breakfast at 1500 in the afternoon

  6. Busride nature

    A great thing about Hong Kong is that a 20-minute bus ride gets you in nature.

  7. Day Two

    Violet Hill and The Twins

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  8. No English Menu

    Made it back from the hike with about 10 minutes to spare before complete darkness.

    Time for dinner and I walked into a random restaurant in the street where the hotel is. Had to use Google translate for the menu, and picked something semi-random.

    Sweet and sour beef with tomato and egg. It was pretty good and the staff was impressed with my "Thank you".

  9. Light breakfast

    A light breakfast to start the day.

  10. Day Three

    Devil's Peek and Mong Kok

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  11. Dumplings

    Dinner consisted of delicious Dim Sum; soup dumplings and bao.

  12. Pineapple Bun

    Pineapple Bun, Milk and oats, and an egg tart for breakfast.

    Probably more sugar than I normally eat in a week, but so good!

  13. M+ Museum

  14. Old

    You know you're old when your childhood toys are in a museum

  15. Day Four

    M+ Museum

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  16. Neon

    Not much neon left in Kowloon, shame because it looks amazing

  17. Wonton Noodles

    Dinner today; Wonton noodles (wanted beef, but the waitress had very poor eyesight and even poorer understanding of English, so I got whatever she thought was on the menu there 🤷). It was good, though!

  18. Egg waffle

    Egg waffle as dessert

  19. Michelin ⭐

    Lets try some Michelin star food

  20. worth the wait

  21. On to Taiwan

  22. Day Five - Six

    Michelin star

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  23. Taichung

    Train to Taichung

  24. Missing person

    Missing person?


  25. We got your back

  26. Street food paradise

    Bubble tea and red-bean filled waffles

  27. Day Seven

    Taoyuan to Taichung

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  28. Curry

    There was a CoCo's Curry literally around the corner soo...

  29. Hike time

  30. Stairs

    European trails: this meandering path will take you up the mountain in about five to eight hours. It's not too steep and there's a "hutte" at the top.

    Asian trails: Stairs!

  31. Mountain Lunch

    Best Lunch

  32. Danbing

    Taiwanese breakfast is the best

  33. Banh Mi

    Banh Mi for lunch

  34. Beef noodles and Kimchi on the side

    Delicious Beef noodles with Kimchi on the side

  35. Day Eight

    The Dakeng Trails

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  36. No hike today

    Not the best time to be in the mountains, there's flood alerts too

  37. Reserve the train

    It might save you a 2-hour wait for the first train with available seats

  38. Bagle

    Found a coffee place to spend 1.5 hours

  39. Finally

    Train time!

  40. Ramen

    Finally something positive after a rainy day

  41. Emer gensi

  42. Train to Taipei

    More rain today, so taking the train to Taipei

  43. Laundry time

  44. Slight difference

    Slight difference between last nights hotel and todays.

  45. Burger Time

  46. Dumpling Breakfast

  47. Hushan Peak

    142m doesnt seem like much, but its 37 degrees, no wind, and all the humidity.

  48. Sweat

    When your mosquito repellent doesnt stick, because you're sweating so much :(

    Also I drank 1.5 Liters of water already in an hour

  49. Lunch on the go

    Red Bean Bao Bun

  50. Nightmarket time

    There is a queue at this stand, so I joined it

  51. Nightmarket part 2

    Potato balls as a starter, then a BBQ pork sandwich, a huge chicken skewer, scallion pancake and an eggtart fresh from the oven as dessert.

  52. Deja Vu

    Went to visit a place, only to realise it looked vaguely familiar.

    Turns out I already seen it three years ago 😂

  53. Feels like hot

    I can confirm it feels like 41

  54. Beef Noodles

    Lunch time: Beef noodles

  55. Lunch Dessert

    Custard bun.

    Is lunch dessert a thing? If not I'm making it one.

  56. Day Thirteen

    Creative arts

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  57. Day Nine - Eleven

    Rainy days

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  58. Okonomiyaki time

  59. Crap...

  60. Wuliao Trail

    Its steep sometimes

  61. Most challenging hike so far

    Especially the 30-meter rope descent 😱

  62. Local delicacy

    Pork chops and miso soup

  63. Day Twelve

    The four beasts hike

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  64. Breakfast

    As always, a nice breakfast to start the day.

  65. Lunch

    Spent the morning buying Muji clothes (shirts/shorts), now time for a pre-lunch

  66. Conveyer Belt Sushi

  67. Day Fourteen

    The Wuliaojian trail

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  68. You know the drill

  69. Volcano

  70. Longest hike

    6 hours in total, 30.000 steps and one box of oreos consumed.

  71. Large curry

    Well deserved

  72. Day Fifteen

    Switching hotels

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  73. Slow morning

    Its 40 degrees again (feels like), so taking it slow

  74. Kimchi Jeon

    Found a Korean place that has Kimchi pancakes on the menu 🤤

  75. Gelato

    Its so hot, found a gelato place to cool off

  76. Day Sixteen

    The longest hike

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  77. Last hike

  78. First peak

  79. Ropes

    Straight up!

  80. peaking

  81. More razor edges

    Snake encountered count +1

  82. Broken aircon

    Managed to find the only place in town with a broken ac. Tiramisu was nice, though!

  83. Tofu Cheesecake

    Spotted some tofu cheesecake near the bus stop, it was delicious!

  84. Day Eighteen

    The final hike

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  85. Dumplings and shaved ice

    Aka dinner

  86. Breakfast

    And a coffee

  87. Bike

    As a Dutch person, Im not sure if this is art or vandalism

  88. Day Nineteen

    Chilling in a park

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  89. Day Seventeen

    The gelato run

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  90. To Hong Kong

  91. Layover

    13 hour layover in Hong Kong, so got tickets for Disneyland

  92. Castle

    Smooth entrance, scan qr code and 👍

  93. Small world

    Time to get the "its a small world" song stuck in my head for the rest of the day

  94. Stuck

    O god were stuck.

  95. Bye

    Not the best Disney, unfortunately.

  96. Pre flight meal


  97. Day Twenty

    Hong Kong Disney

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  98. Last flight