Day Twelve and Thirteen

Two days in one as yesterday was a travel day (from Jeju Island back to Seoul) and we didn't get a chance to take a lot of photos.

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After we landed we visited the Sungnyemun Gate near our hotel.

On our way back to the hotel we wandered across a closed market for clothes. Instead of taking all the clothes back inside at the end of the day, they just wrap them in plastic covers and call it a day.

Our final full day of the trip started out with a cup of coffee and a sandwich. After this breakfast we took the subway to the World Cup Stadium.

The World Cup Stadium is surrounded by beautiful parks, one of them is "Haneul Park", a former trash dump.

From this park it's possible to visit other parks in the neighborhood, they are all connected. This other park is a former water treatment facility called "Seonyudo Park".

The basins of the former facility are now used for floating botanic gardens and other plants.

From this bridge it was back to the nearest subway stop to head to the hotel for some freshening up before dinner.