Showa Kinen Park

The second attempt at visiting this park, as last Wednesday I had to turn around due to the excessive rain, luckily this time it was different.

The sun was out in full force, and so where the people. There was a large stream of people heading for the entrance. But this park is huge so on the inside it didn't feel too crowded.

Pokemon Go is still quite popular.

It's funny how the main roads are crowded, but as soon as you duck into a small path on the site, you're practically on your own. I spent a good 20 minutes at this lookout and just one person came up in that time.

Trying to avoid the main roads I found myself walking along a little stream with beautifull views.

There were plenty of benches all round the park and most were occupied.

Inside the park there's a Japanese garden, you can enter it for free.

Inside the Japanese garden was a Bonsai area with beautifull Bonsai trees, some of them were more than 250 years old and the groundskeeper was happy to explain everything to the people visiting.

The park is well known for it's cycle paths, you can rent a bike to cycle around and through the park, and many people did.

There are also large area's for people to play games or relax.

At this time it was almost getting dark so I headed back to my hotel, this time by Monorail and many trains.