The final hike

It's the last day already on this trip and with a beautiful day forecasted I headed to the edge of the city again, this time to do a 3-mountain hike .

There was no map of the route so I had to go by written text only and it was quite sparse at some points.

I managed to find the start of the route and it went uphill immidiately.

After a good climb I was greeted with the first views.

It was a clear day and you could see the highrises of downtown Tokyo in the distance.

Mt. Takashi

The next mountain wasn't very fancy, just a radio tower.

The route passes through beautifull forests and there was hardly anyone there.

Mt. Monomi

I had no issues finding the route markers.

Eventually the trail took me down the mountains and I ended up a station over from the starting point, from where I took the train back to Tokyo.

The next day I took the Narita Sky Access hi-speed train back to Narita airport.

After a great flight it was just a short layover on the old part of Helsinki Airport (that was very cramped and overcrowded) and on to my final flight back to Amsterdam.

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