teamLab Borderless

Yesterday started with a delicious breakfast and plans to go to a park that is supposedly very beautifull in fall colors.

As I made my way over to the park (about an hour by train) it started to rain and the forecast light showers turned out to be not so light. In the five minute walk to the park from the station I was already completely soaked and decided to head back and do some shopping for new shoes instead (as the shoes I had on were soaked and wouldn't be dry before the next day).

Totally off-topic, but my hotel looks out over a bus depot and it's fun to see how they mange to jam-pack the lot with busses every evening.

Aaanyway this morning the weather was a lot better, not that it mattered, my activities for today were all indoors. I managed to get tickets to an exhibition called teamlab Borderless.

Teamlab Borderless, Odaiba

It's a kind of museum with interactive art that you can manipulate and walk through, very cool and popular. Queue's can get up to an hour to get in, but luckily this morning the queue's weren't that bad.

Pretty much every wall inside has some kind of art projected on it. Some things are interactive where your touch changes the projection, others are not interactive but the art changes every few minutes. This means that if you visit a room and come back ten minutes later it could show something completely different.

My favorite was this cubic room with 200+ movable spotlights that generated all kinds of (interactive) shapes in the room with matching music.

Some rooms were hidden and took a while to find, mainly by seeing people suddenly appear out of nowhere from a secret entrance/exit, others were more obvious.

Some of the bigger rooms had a queue so you can enjoy them without it too many people crowding it.

Another favorite is a room with hundreds of LED strings hung from the ceiling that light up in amazing patterns. Combined with the mirrored walls and floor it makes for a very trippy experience.

You can download an app and controll these lights, or use the tabled hidden in a corner.

All in all it kept me busy for more then four hours, exploring many rooms twice or just staying there for a while just to see what happened next.

Since I was in Odaiba for this exhibition, they changed the Giant Gundam I visited last time i was there, so here's the new one :)

Time for a late lunch and some more shoe shopping in the nearby malls (shoes are very cheap).