Japan 2018



Time to revisit one of my favorite countries. Japan has it all, great public transport, food and scenery. This time I spent two weeks in and around Tokyo.

  1. AMS ✈️ NRT

    Flying from Amsterdam to Tokyo

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  2. Wandering around Tokyo

    Along the Yamanote Line

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  3. Saturday in Tokyo

    Koishikawa Botanical Garden - Ueno station area

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  4. Nighttime Ginza

    Shopping for new pants and taking photo's in the rain

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  5. Mt. Mitake

    A beautiful hike in fog and rain.

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  6. teamLab Borderless

    A day of rain and a day of ... something

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  7. Mt. Nokogiri

    Saw Tooth Mountain

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  8. Institute for Nature Study

    A rainy day

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  9. Showa Kinen Park

    On a sunny Saturday afternoon

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  10. Aqua Park


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  11. DisneySea

    The happiest place in the world

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  12. The final hike

    To mt. Hiwada, mt. Takashi and mt. Monomi

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