Day Ten

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Phnom Penh

Our main event of today was a visit to the Killing fields. The tour left around one o clock. Before that we had plenty of time to have a nice walk around the hotel.

After following the river walk we came across the Royal Palace Park. The palace itself is closed on Sunday, but there were plenty of people at the park.

On the right of the palace lies another park, that has seen better days.

We looped around through Wat Bottom Park, that looked very desolate.

After a quick lunch at the hotel we headed to S21, a former high school turned Khmer Rouge prison &interrogation center.

We had a very nice guide show us around the complex and met one of the four living survivors.

After the tour we headed to the Killing Fields, where the Khmer Rouge lead by Pol Pot killed thousands of people.

This monument houses hundreds of skulls and bones that were recovered from the fields.

Back in our hotel we freshened up, chilled a bit on our balcony and headed for dinner.

On our way to the restaurant, called mok mony. We came across the Independence Monument.

After dinner the park surrounding the Independence Monument really had come to life. With loads of people chilling in the park.