Day Five

Today is our final full day in Taipei, time to visit museums and parks.

The first stop is the Taiwan Design Museum, housed in an old Tobacco Factory.

The museum houses both collections from upcoming designers and Red Dot awarded designs.

After spending nearly two hours at the museum we headed to the Botanical Gardens. It was supposed to start raining at three, so we had a few hours left.

After seeing numerous Japanese Botanical Gardens this one was a bit underwelming. It's probaly the time of year when nothing blossoms. Still, it was nice to stroll around. Close by is one of the 5 Gates that surrounded the city when they were built in 1884.

From the gate it was only a short walk to the 228 Peace Memorial Park.

The park was created to remember the <a href="">victims of the February 28 Incident of 1947</a>.

After a quick shower at the hotel, we headed out for dinner.