Day Four

We got up at 05:00 today to get ready for our cab ride to the Airport. After a 1.5 hour flight we were in South Korea! It took us about 50 minutes with the subway to get to our hotel, where we dropped our bags.

Time for some delicious Korean street food at the Kwangjang market. You get to a stall and ask for (or in our case point to) the food you want and it gets cooked in front of you.

Next to the Kwangjang market is the Cheonggyecheon River. A former "highway" that has been torn down and turned into a beautifull river through the city.

After following the river for a bit, we headed to Dongdaemun Design Plaza, a giant "blob" in the heart of the city. It houses multiple exhibitions.

We took a few back alleys back to the hotel.

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