Day Twenty-Twenty Two

I've finally arrived at the most southern point of my trip, in Busan, a port city. The trip from Ulsan to Busan was easy, as the cities are connected with a brand new metro line.

BusanSouth Korea35.1/129.04028


Breakfast and dinner consisted of a complementary hotel breakfast and pork-bone soup (Dwaeji Gukbab), that apparently is quite difficult to make. It takes a long time to make the broth from pork bone. You get the "base" version as seen in the picture and then add as much or little from the side-dishes as you like to make it exactly to your taste. Personally I liked the brine shrimp, chives and bean paste.


The next day breakfast was a little more familiar, there was a very good sandwich place right next to the hotel, nice!

Busan has a lot of good museums, and the last time I was here, I already visited some of the highlights, which allowed me to focus on other things these couple of days.

The first museum was called Museum Dah (Museum one) , which had a Teamlab Borderless vibe.

It consists of a large main hall with side rooms on two different levels, filled with digital art.

After the school groups left, I had the place almost to myself, just long enough to sit down for a while and enjoy the show.

Eventually the next batch of school children arrived and it was time to move on.

Just around the corner was the Busan Museum of Art, which got much better recommendations, but I didn't enjoy as much, there wasn't a whole lot to see or do.

Time to get a bit more active and head to the nearby coast for some ramen and a short hike.

The evening was setting in and I found a nice pancake restaurant near the hotel, time to check it out.

The pancake was delicious and the owner took the time to explain a few things and offer suggestions on how to eat it, very cool.

Hwangryeong Mountain

The next day it was time for something more active. Busan is a city wrapped around many mountains in the city proper. This makes for great views if you manage to climb one.

After walking from the hotel to the trail starting point, I bought some water and lunch from a convenience store where the clerk struck up a conversation about my home country.

After a while it was time to start the hike as the temperature was rising, and it would max out at a hot 28 degrees today.

The views were spectacular and lunch was delicious.

The high temperature had ruined my t-shirt and I decided to head to a mall to get new sport shirts that are better for hikes, instead of the "nice" t-shirts I was wearing until now.

I stopped by "Biff" square, where the Busan International Film Festival takes place each year, had some expensive and not very tasty Hotteok and headed back for dinner.

Dinner was a miso-based stew, called Doenjang-Jjigae (Jigae meaning stew) at a little restaurant with a very old lady as the host. Dinner was nice, especially the fish.