Day Twenty Four-Twenty Five

It's going to be a short one today, Daejeon is just a stop-over on the way back to Seoul. I didn't really have any plans and after dumping the bags at the hotel, I took a bus to museum district, hoping to see something nice.

DaejeonSouth Korea36.351/127.385


Unfortunately the museums were about to close, so I headed the park behind the museums and stumbled across an event of some kind.

There were gardens lit up with little lights and people sitting on mats drinking beer/soju everywhere.

The park was connected to the other side of the river by a lit-up bridge.

Not just the bridge, almost everything in the area was lit up.

Across the bridge was an beautiful sight.

A square with hundreds of people enjoying their Saturday evening. There was live music, and children running around the water features on the square.

I love the Korean way of spending time together by plopping down a mat and drinking beer/soju with friends, along with small dishes that everyone brings along.

I listened to some live music, and eventually took the bus and metro back to the hotel, ready to travel onwards to Seoul the next day.