Day Twenty Five - Thirty Two

After a quick stop in Daejeon, yesterday, I arrived back in Seoul central station by train. This week will mostly spent working with a couple of days off here-and-there.

SeoulSouth Korea37.58333/127


My hotel was near one of the major thoroughfares, and it seemed like there was some kind of protest going on almost every day.

Changgyeonggung Palace

On one of my off-days I headed to Changgyeonggung Palace, thinking I didn't visit it last time I was in Soul. (spoiler... I did visit it, it was beautiful, regardless).

They did an amazing job matching the print with the perspective.

The National Folk Museum of Korea

The description on Google said that you have to buy a ticket to the palace to enter the National Folk Museum, however this is not the case it's just outside the palace grounds.

Ticket in hand, I decided not let it go to waste and visit the palace again.

The place is beautiful and a lot of people are wearing traditional Hanbok, enhancing the experience.

Right, the museum. It tells what an average day was like in old Korea tough expositions and digital experiences.

They were recording a show featuring traditional arts in front of the museum.

There was also an outside area with a recreated shopping street from the middle of the previous century.

A parade

On my last day in Seoul, I was about to head to the airport and just heading outside for breakfast when I heard loud noises coming from a nearby street.

Turns out there was a K-Culture parade underway, showing many aspects of Korean culture, such as music, dance, but also Korean Drama's which seem to have become more popular lately. (Think Squid Game and Kingdom on Netflix).

What a lovely way to end the trip!

Later on I'll fly to Vietnam for another month-long tour through the country.