Day Five-Six

A colleague had his talk accepted at a conference and I promised to cover for the two days of the conference. This meant being on-call and with the weather less great than the past few days, I decided to work these two days, and tag two days onto the end of the Korea trip instead.

After working for a couple of hours on Monday, I did a very Seoulite thing; eating ramen at the Han River.

You buy a packet of ramen at the convenience store, and outside are all these "Ramen stations" where you add your ramen cup, press a button and the machine takes care of the rest, adding water and boiling it for a set amount of time.

After some dinner at a local market, it was already time for the next day, Tuesday, also a work day.

In the evening I wandered around in the neighborhood to find dinner (Indian) and some snacks.

There are all these little back-alleys crammed with tiny bars and dinner places, so cool

I've been watching this TV show, Vincenzo , which is set in a nearly abandoned shopping arcade and when walking around I noticed a familiar facade.

Turns out, this is the place they used for the show, neat!

Tomorrow I'll be heading to Sokcho, a town near the coast.

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