Day Eighteen-Nineteen

It's time to explore the next city in South Korea, Ulsan. This city is the home of Hyundai, where it produces cars and ships, making it the second richest city in Asia (behind Tokyo).

Ulsan / South Korea 35.55/129.31667

The morning started with a small hike up a mountain on the west side of the city, providing views of Ulsan.

After lunch, I made my way down; I crossed the river to a nearby park with a large bamboo forest.

While a relaxing way to start the day, it was time for some better views. I took an hour-long bus across town to the coast to a park that provides nice views of the ocean and the rugged coastline.

There were small "stalls," if you could call them that, where fresh fish caught just minutes before was served to customers.

But the main attraction was a rock just off the coast, accessible by a footbridge.

It was busy, but thanks to super-long exposure by the grossest ND filter I've ever seen (forgot to clean it since last time and using hand sanitizer only made it much, much worse).

The evening was setting in, and the temperature dropped from a pleasant 22 degrees to something that required more than a T-shirt, time to head back to the city for a delicious dinner.

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