Day Six

There's no better way to see how huge Tokyo actually is than a top-down view. Today we visited the Tokyo SKYTREE to do just that.


The views are amazing as always and we spend quite some time gazing out the windows.

Bunkyo, Tokyo

From the SKYTREE we headed across the Sumida river to catch the subway to Ueno station, from where we explored Bunkyo, a nice neighbourhood in Tokyou.

It's always a good idea to divert from the main roads into the back alleys of Tokyo, it's nice and quiet and there are some really great buildings to be found.

Nezu Shrine, Tokyo

The route from Ueno to Nippori took us past the Nezu Shrine. If you like the Tori gates of Kyoto, but don't want to go there, this shrine is the next best thing.

From the shrine we made our way to Nippori station, where we took the train to the next tower.

Tokyo Tower, Tokyo

The day was getting long and feet were hurting. Time to eat a delicious Crêpe filled with custard, chocolate and cheesecake and wait until the evening sets in for a night shot of that other tower, the Tokyo Tower.

It's near the end of October, so the halloween decoration was in full swing (though they were setting up for Christmas as well).