Day Five

The weather forecast was one of the best of this week, so we made it count and took the train south to Enoshima Island, where we could enjoy the ocean views of Mt. Fuji and... the ocean itself.

TokyoEnoshima Island

Leading up to the island is a shopping street with lots of delicious food and souvenirs.

The trail will take you past temples/shrines...

great views...

and food, lots of food.

At the other end of the island you're rewarded with great views of Mt. Fuji. (one of the few moments I wished for a lens bigger than 30mm).

Kōtoku-in, Kamakura

From Enoshima Island we took the tram/train to the Giant Buddha.

On our way there we encountered a small procession

The giant Buddha statue was well visited today, lots of school classes and people coming out in the great weather.

Tsurugaoka Hachimangü Shrine

A few kilometers from the Buddha are many more shrines near Kamakura station. With plenty of daylight left we made the trek by food, through the many back alleys of the city. The shrine was quite busy as well, with even more school classes paying a visit.

Even shrines need maintenance.

After a stroll back to the station we took the train back to the hotel, but not before eating delicious Sushi.