Mt. Nokogiri

Saw Tooth Mountain


Mt. Nokogiri

It was another early day. To reach Mt. Nokogiriyama I had to travel around Tokyo bay and this would take almost 3 hours one-way.

After a quick breakfast (same as yesterday, it seems I've found my breakfast spot), I headed to the train station to catch one of 4 trains to the other end of the bay.

Around noon I was at the base of the ropeway up the mountain and a little while later this was the view I was rewarded with.

Mt. Nokogiri Tokyo
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Near the entrance of the park is a giant Buddhist goddess Kannon carved out of the rock.

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One of the main highlights of visiting Nokogiriyama is “Hells View.”

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The other side of the mountain had nice views too.


A master artisan and 27 assistants created around 1500 statues that are scattered around the mountain.

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But wait, there's ~~more~~ another giant budda!


It was just after two in the afternoon, time for (a delicious convenience store bought) lunch with a nice view.


Knowing it takes 3 hours to get back, I slowly made my way back up the mountain to the ropeway and from there down to the train station where only one train departs every 1.5 hours.

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I had plenty of time to enjoy the train station as I had just missed the train by 10 minutes...

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Luckily there was a beach nearby to wait for the next train and enjoy the sunset.

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