Day Twenty

After my (by now) traditional breakfast of Nattō it was time to pack my bags and slowly make my way over to Haneda airport for my flight back. On my way there on the Yanamote Line I had to transfer at Shinagawa station, one of the few places I hadn't explored yet, so I stowed my bags in a train station locker and headed out.

So I spent most of the afternoon in a Café, eating apple pie and drinking coffee.

The photo above on the left is pretty cool. It shows a subterranean bycicle parking robot. You place your bike in front of the door and the machine takes your bike and places it below ground in a huge cilinder. A much nicer solution then the huge bycicle dumps around the stations in The Netherlands.

After a quick dinner it was time to take the last train in Japan to the airport and fly back to Europe.

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