Day Nine

After a nice morning sleeping in and a few hours of work I headed for the Ginza district, in south east Tokyo. While in the train I noticed we were passing by the Imperial Palace near Tokyo station, so I hopped out and explored the area.

The thing I like about this area, is the contrast between old and new. On once side there's a very old palace and on the other are modern office buildings near Tokyo station.

If you try to look for rivers/streams in Tokyo on Google Maps, you'll hardly find any. This is the reason why:

After wandering through a park near the palace I headed to Lidabashi, for no particular reason.

At this point I'm pretty sure I was wandering around on private property, but it did make for a few nice shots.

In the end I never made it to Ginza, but that's the fun part about not having any time constraints.

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