Day Six

After the first good night of sleep on the trip we were well rested for today. The plan is to wander around Khiva some more untill we have to go to the train station to catch the train to Bukhara.

We start by getting some snacks for on the train and then make our way to the wall around the city. There are a few entry points and none have signs that it's forbidden to go on the wall, so we go :)

Breakfast was nice, but it's after noon so time for some lunch. We pick a random place in a park near the inner city and get a wrap filled with meat, tomatos and other vegetables. After lunch we visit a few other museums in the city.

Eventually we head back to the hotel for the Taxi pickup to the train station.

Uzbekistan is mostly seen as a poor country in central Europe, but if you are a traveller, it boasts one of the greatest inventions one can enjoy.


High speed rail, that's right it has more/better high-speed rail than The Netherlands!

Unfortunately the high speed rail hasn't reached Khiva just yet, so for this part of the trip we'll have to make do with "normal" rail.

We are in car 4 out of 16 and it's quite a walk to the other end. Our cabin seats two people and is considered "first class". Second and third class cabins look the same, but with more beds stacked agains the wall.

This our home for the next six hours.